Help Our Community Flourish

Support SSPADS to ensure that our unhoused neighbors can survive and thrive.

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Your Donation Could Save a Life Today

Spring is here, and new life is pushing up through the soil. Help our community flourish this spring by supporting SSPADS.

Your generous donations ensure that our unhoused neighbors across the Southland can survive and thrive. Your gift could help a family like Sheena (pseudonym) and her daughter.

Sheena and her 1-year-old lived in a house with an abusive person who threatened their lives and safety. Sheena was afraid every day of what might happen, especially to her baby girl. When the violence escalated, she and her daughter fled to enter the safety of an SSPADS shelter. With strength and courage, Sheena began the hard work to create a better life for her daughter.

Your generous donations have made all the difference in this young family’s life. Your dollars fund the emergency shelter and fuel our work. With an SSPADS case manager, Sheena signed up for childcare and found a full-time job. She received diapers, hygiene products, and clothing items made possible by donations raised by our generous and loving community.

Sheena’s housing was provided in part by our wonderful supporters, allowing her to plan for the future. With a safe and stable place to rest, Sara enrolled her daughter in daycare and applied for jobs. She saved for a car and security deposit—and because of her personal drive and the unwavering community support she received—succeeded.

After what seemed like an eternity of uncertainty, Sheena signed the lease for her very first apartment. Through SSPADS, Sheena had found a pathway home.

SSPADS could not help people like Sheena without your help. Supporters like you make our work possible at South Suburban PADS. Your generous donations fuel the hope and peace that SSPADS returns to clients who might be having the worst day, month, or year of their lives.

To help someone like Sheena, please consider giving to the mission of SSPADS: to prevent and end homelessness.

P.S. Your new or increased gift can secure up to a $6,250 foundation match and leverage 4x more from the state of Illinois.